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 Lexington Marketing International, Inc. 

Public Relations Plan


         To establish Client as first in its industry.

         To expand beyond Client's current brand name as leader in its current sector into the leading supplier of business solutions for all international business.

         To enhance international corporate visibility of Client to that of a leading member of the multinational corporate community.

         To build on track record of Client as major IT solutions provider with its established record (in finance, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, electronics and/or government).

         To provide a communications support program for Client Partnership Program including a turnkey Public Relations program for marketing, development and support partners.

Marketing Communications Methods

         Research and develop a support program for management to assist it in gaining the highest and best possible exposure for Client using the established network of partners and expanding that network.

         This includes identification of key media to partner with, forums for management to participate in, i.e., speaking opportunities for appropriate senior managers, and development of a key editors/analyst community.

         Work to establish on-going barter relationships with other organizations and publications that will increase visibility for Client, as well as developing partner relationships with media and events in each industry sector.

         As opportunity presents itself develop a Speakers Bureau for key managers and other associates to gain visibility in the general business community and in each industry sector.

         Develop a PR support program for partners and working press/analysts to assist them in getting the most out of their Client investment (web site PR and Press guide).

         Develop and operate e-mail communications system to partners, customers, employees, sponsors, media and leading trade associations to keep them informed about Client etc.

         Coordinate press conference schedule for specific trade shows and events that Client will be organize or exhibiting at.

         Develop a program to build visibility with key media in each major market and industrial sector.

         Regular press releases and newsletters as news warrants, monthly.

         Develop media advisory/analyst newsletter to be issued regularly (weekly or monthly).

         Develop and manage media database (critical trade, business and local media as well as others to solicit coverage).

         Maintain e-mail communications system to media and leading trade associations (or other prime groups of attendees) to keep them informed and focused on Client.

Evaluation of Positioning, Program and Results

         Provide ongoing evaluation of broadcast and print coverage, i.e., order clipping and monitoring services of key media.

         Survey analysts, reviewers, working press, partners and customers for feedback on what we did right and what needs to be improved.

         Implement course corrections as evaluation and feedback recommends to communications strategy for Client.


Pacific Dialogue

Public Relations


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