The Pacific Dialogue Show Bureau

What Pacific Dialogue's Show Bureau boils down to is creating a PR Agency for the life of a show that treats exhibitors like clients (i.e., paying customers...which apparently is a pretty unique idea)...and working to make sure they are successful. Which means that I do more than show up on site...I try to be at all the meetings and sessions to make sure that PR is part of the marketing mix (problem is that I view marketing and sales as part of the PR mix...which means I work real hard to at least keep informed with what show management and marketers are trying to do with the show...that appears to be pretty unique as have no idea of the number of trade show companies that outsource the entire function).

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I have been actively involved in public relations for over three decades. One of my first experiences was working in a newsroom in 1964. Over the years I have worked in many roles regarding events and event management including working journalist, speaker, show organizer, internal PR support and PR support for an exhibitor and for an outside agency.

I have assembled a team of professionals who can support most trade show efforts that will present themselves.

Among the resources we have are...

Press Express

PR Director/ Show Express

IR Express at the Website


We have developed a PR program that in essence creates a PR agency relationship with exhibitors at the show. Though the PR support for the show cannot do everything for every exhibitor, and we make that clear that we have to be able to work with competitors without their being concerned about disclosing proprietary information, we treat each exhibitor as a paying customer, and we work to make sure that they will continue to be a paying customer.