Press Tip Sheet

Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara, CA

October 26-28, 2004


Welcome to the KM World 2004 and Intranets 2004 online Conference and Exhibition Tip Sheet. As exhibitors and speakers provide information it will be posted here. Along with the press conference and keynote schedule. This will be updated regularly and emailed out to registered working press the week before the show. Let us know if you have additions, corrections or questions.




Kontiki press conference on Wed at 11 am. In the press room (room 201 of Santa Clara Conventin Center)

IBM Press Launch Reception on Wednesday afternoon, October 27th

Exclusive Press Conference: 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m./ Room 207 (SCCC)

IBM Announcement Launch Reception: 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

TheBrain Technologies

Booth Number 306

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Shelley Hayduk

Session: Exhibit Hall presentation. Thursday Oct 28th, 1:15-1:30pm

Information Visualization and Knowledge Mapping


Barb Gurnett

Session E301 & E302

Corporate Portal Deployments: Lessons from the Trenches

Internal PR Contact

Shelley Hayduk / Vice President Marketing & Sales

2001 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 310 City Santa Monica State/Province_CA




E-mail Address_shayduk@thebrain.com_

Internal PR Contact

Tracy Schoreack Marketing and Sales Manager Address_

2001 Wilshire Blvd Ste. 310 Santa Monica State/Province CA




E-mail Address:

New Product

BrainEKP 4.0 (new version) and Thought Seeker (New product)

Products profiled

BrainEKP 4.0; Thought Seeker

Product highlights

BrainEKP 4.0: BrainEKP (Enterprise Knowledge Platform) integrates a wide range of information sources into a single conceptual view of related topics so users get access to the best information faster while gaining a broader picture and context on their topic of interest. BrainEKP 4.0 carries forward our vision of exceptional information access and sharing by focusing on flexibility of presentation, enhanced search features and workflow functionality. Thought Seeker: We are also introducing a new module for BrainEKP. This is our categorization and indexing application, called Thought Seeker. This technology will enable you to analyze large information repositories, mine key concepts and automatically categorize this information in BrainEKP. This application can also be used for maintaining your "Brain" with information assets that are constantly produced outside of BrainEKP.

Presentation highlights (

Sessions E301 & E302 Corporate Portal Deployments: Lessons from the Trenches 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Barb Gurnett, VP, & Ron Quan, Manager, Elearning, California Casualty Insurance District. Small-, medium-, and large-scale portal deployments each bring different challenges. Hear how five distinct portal deployments managed successful implementations, what technologies and functionality they chose, and why. Learn what their main challenges were, the surprises they discovered, and what they will do differently the next go-round.

Speakers background

Information Visualization & Knowledge Mapping 1:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Shelley Hayduk, VP, Marketing & Sales, TheBrain Technologies Corporation This session describes techniques for enhanced information access. Using case studies, it illustrates how to organize and structure information sources in a manner that captures key business issues, thinking and organizational objectives. Shelley Hayduk is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales of TheBrain Technologies Corporation. Ms. Hayduk is responsible for securing enterprise customers for TheBrain and leading the company's implementations. Ms Hayduk works with Fortune 1000 companies, Government agencies, and contact centers worldwide to help companies discover key information assets, visualize content and support processes. Ms Hayduk's goal is to implement a customized knowledge management strategy for each client for improved information sharing and long term success. Prior to her role at TheBrain, she was Senior Producer of Cyclops Software, responsible for production and design of Dilbert’s Desktop Games, which is distributed by Microsoft worldwide and cited by Newsweek Magazine as one of the "Best Products of 1997." Shelley holds a BA of Distinction in Cognitive Psychology, with a specialization in human-machine interaction.

Barb Gurnett: Vice President-Education Development Services. Employed with California Casualty for four years. Directs the following areas of the company: Knowledge Management Learning Services Learning Technologies Operational Help Desk Quality Assurance

Company highlights

TheBrain Technologies provides visual search and categorization networks. TheBrain’s expanded information views enable companies to create and navigate files, Web pages and databases to gain a clearer picture of all knowledge assets, business issues and instant access to the best information. "Corporate Brains" are used worldwide for: intranets, database visualization, competitive and military intelligence, sales and marketing support, information self-service, and customer service knowledgebases. There are over 750,000 users of TheBrain Technology worldwide.


Candela Solutions, LLC

1 South Pinckney, Suite 510, Madison WI 53703 USA


Ronald Kral


B203 Corporate Compliance & Information Management Ramifications

608-204-0122, ext. 23


Mobile: 608-358-1113

Internal PR Contact

Kim Babler/ Marketing Manager


608-204-0122, ext. 24


_(608) 279-8025_

Presentation highlights

The corporate landscape has forever changed and information management rests at the heart of regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and maintaining a competitive edge. This session looks at what it takes to meet these challenges, including Sarbanes-Oxley, from an IT governance standpoint.

Speakers background

Ronald J. Kral, MBA, CPA, CMA: Ronald is a partner of Candela Solutions, a CPA firm based in Madison, WI. He is a nationally recognized speaker on governance, business ethics, internal controls, performance improvement, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Previously, he was a Principal Consultant with PwC, and a Managing Director for a California CPA firm

Company highlights

Candela Solutions, LLC, is a public accounting firm working with boards and management teams to help them reach their objectives through robust governance processes and implementation tools. This includes governance structures, internal auditing, technology, strategic planning, and change management. Call us at 1-877-CANDELA, or visit at to learn more



Booth Number: 406

Stock Symbol: CNVR


Dr. Claude Vogel, Chief Technology Officer, Convera

Session: "Taxonomy Development & Usage," Monday, Oct. 25th from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., KMWorld Preconference Workshop

Subject: "Taxonomy Development & Usage"


Anna Van Lier / Director, Corporate Communications

1921 Gallows Road, Ste. 200 Vienna Virginia USA

Phone: 703.761.5274

Fax: 703.761.1990


E-mail Address:

New Product

RetrievalWare 8.1 Search and Categorization Software

Product highlights:

At KMWorld, Convera (Booth 406) will be introducing its latest RetrievalWare® 8.1 enterprise search platform. Particularly effective for users monitoring large volumes of data who want to personalize searches, RetrievalWare allows users to set customized content filters and alerts for the information they uniquely need to do their jobs. The software also ensures useful results are shared in public folders and offers a tailored results interface.

Presentation highlights (for speakers

Developing taxonomies and classifications is the first step in information management. This workshop explores how to build, share and use taxonomies to sharpen enterprise search results. Different approaches to taxonomy development and utilization, evaluation of pre-defined taxonomies, and methods to fit taxonomies into an integrated approach for search, content management and portals initiatives will also be reviewed.

Speakers background:

Dr. Claude Vogel, one of the world’s leading authorities on linguistic analysis and categorization, is Convera’s CTO. In this role, he is broadening the core indexing, categorization and dynamic classification capabilities of Convera’s RetrievalWare® search and categorization technology. Prior to joining Convera, he was the founder and CTO of Semio Corporation. His background is in Artificial Intelligence, Anthropology and Semiotics (Ph.D. Social Anthropology, 1976, Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, 1992, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris).

Company highlights:

Convera has a 20-year history providing the most sophisticated search and categorization solutions to over 900 government agencies, media/publishing, pharmaceutical and diverse multi-national customers worldwide. Convera’s RetrievalWare® powers a number of essential enterprise applications, greatly increasing search efficiency by enabling users to set "personalized filters" for incoming content and automatically monitor large volumes of data.



PR Contact

Sheri Dean Allen/Publicity Manager>


We (Elsevier Book Publishers, and division Butterworth-Heineman) are featuring several books at the DigitalGuru bookstore


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Session 10/27 AT 3PM: F204 Social Activity Empowers Enterprise Discovery Systems




ENTOPIA 10/28 AT1.30PM B303 Knowledge Transfer for Your Growing Customer Base


Internal PR Contact


3200 BRIDGE PARKWAY City REDWOOD CITY State/Province CA 94065 Country USA

Phone +1.650.632.0101

Fax +.650.802.6709

Cell 415.378.1153

New Product at Show

Entopia K-Bus3 for 3rd generation information discovery

Product highlights

Entopia K-Bus provides a software infrastructure that captures the essence of enterprise content and the employee interaction around it to deliver never-before-known business insights through advanced information discovery mechanisms. The infrastructure uniquely leverages the dynamic activity and business context around content to capture the real-time value of information to specific individuals and groups within the organization. Entopia employs a range of application services that deliver this insight such as: * Enterprise Search * Expertise Location * Content Visualization * Social Network Mapping

Presentation highlights

F204 Social Activity Empowers Enterprise Discovery Systems Igor Perisic, Chief Scientist, Entopia Enterprises are like living organisms. Individuals interact within the organism, across corporate structural or procedural boundaries, on an informal as well as a formal basis. Informally this might be done at the water cooler, a football game or at a pub. Formally this might happen within communities of practices, on collaborative projects or when editing and publishing documents. Perisic discusses how a core competence in applying strategies and tools for performance improvement can benefit from the natural interaction between individuals while respecting the user's privacy concerns. All the while, illustrating how the nature of these "social" interactions should be used to provide the user with better information. Finally, we will describe how these interactions will benefit, for example, a search engine if, and only if, their integration occurs seamlessly without disturbing the natural flow of social interactions within the organism. B303 Knowledge Transfer for Your Growing Customer Base Matt Denison, Executive Director, Knowledge Transfer, QCSI & Kimberly Davis Bawden, VP, Sales & Marketing, Americas, Entopia QCSI, one of the nation's leading providers of information technology software and services for healthcare, did not have an effective method to capture and efficiently transfer the knowledge necessary to support a fast growing customer base. QCSI's executive team recognized the importance of sharing the complex best practices surrounding the implementation of their healthcare administration solutions and as a result, established the Knowledge Transfer initiative that enables the current knowledge owners to capture this knowledge in a way that can be reused by others. This session shares their experiences and discuses the technology support -- Entopia's information discovery software infrastructure and its collaborative content management solution.

Speakers background

Mr. Denison joined QCSI in February 2001, bringing over 20 years experience in healthcare information systems to one of the nation's leading providers of information technology software and services for healthcare. Prior to his current role as the Executive Director of Knowledge Transfer, Mr. Denison served as the Executive Director for QCSI's Blue Cross/Blue Shield customer market segment. Denison also spent time at Shared Medical Systems (SMS) in Malvern, Pennsylvania and Samaritan Health in Phoenix, Arizona.

Speakers background

As Chief Scientist, Dr. Igor Perisic heads Entopia's research program to ensure state-of-the-art search and metadata generation tools. In this role, Dr. Perisic has created a new paradigm, leveraging natural social activities in everyday work and networks of corporations to drive the development of Entopia's award winning Knowledge Locator. The Slovenian born French-speaking, Swiss current focus is on semantic analysis of unstructured texts through advanced data mining tools such as neural networks and vector space methodology as well as information discovery tools using customized taxonomy generation and social networks modelization. Dr. Perisic holds a doctorate in statistics from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a bachelor of science in mathematics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Company highlights

Entopia is an innovator in solutions for information discovery that drive the collaborative enterprise to competitive advantage. Entopia enables collaboration by noting people's activity around content and using this value-add to ensure delivery of truly-relevant discovery services including enterprise search, expertise identification, visualization and social networks analysis. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, with offices in London and Paris, Entopia has received extensive industry recognition including debuting as a visionary in Gartner's 2004 Enterprise Search Magic Quadrant, eWeek's Excellence Awards and "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" by KMWorld Magazine. Key customers include Intel, Total, French Ministry of Defense, Bertlesmann and the US Navy.


Booth Number: 201

Stock Symbol: N/A


Guillaume Cohen Session: Wed., Oct. 27 at 11:45 am Subject: Powering Your Business With IP-Based Conferencing Tools


Wed., Oct. 27, at 11 am Subject: Envivio's Latest Breakthrough in MPEG-4 Webcasting (in Presentation Theater)

Internal PR Contact

Barry Strauss/ Director, Marketing Communications

Envivio, Inc. 400 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite 111 South San Francisco CA 94080 USA

Phone: 650-243-2718

Fax: 650-243-2750

Cell: N/A


Products introduced

: 4Forum


Product highlights

The Envivio 4Forum solution uses the MPEG-4 Systems Specification to deliver live and non real-time interactive and perfectly synchronized webcasts with a sub-second latency and the ability to scale delivery to thousands of viewers. It is controlled through a web-based interface to easily customize presentations, start and stop the webcasts, create post edits, and manage presentations for later on-demand delivery from an Envivio 4Sight™ MPEG-4 video streaming server.

Speakers background

Guillaume Cohen, Director of Enterprise Product Marketing for Envivio, developed the Envivio Enterprise product line for the Corporate, Government and Education markets. He also manages relationships with strategic partners to facilitate convergence between streaming, videoconferencing, web collaboration and other

technologies essential to the Enterprise environment. Guillaume also chairs the enterprise work items at ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance) to encourage standardization and convergence in the Enterprise environment.

He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Avancees (Paris).


Company highlights

Envivio is a leading provider of complete MPEG-4 and H.264 solutions, which consist of a rich set of integrated streaming media tools and systems. The company has established itself as the most experienced creator of high-quality MPEG-4/H.264 solutions that enable enterprises, broadcasters, network operators, and content developers to build new revenue streams and use the efficiencies of delivering content to the full range of MPEG-4 capable devices. The Envivio solution includes various components to create, encode, protect, distribute, manage, and view MPEG-4 content.

ESPRE Solutions

External PR Contact

Patty Handschiegel



Booth # 412


External PR Contact

Deena Benz | Account Manager


CarryOn Communication, Inc.


direct: 323.988.4714 |

fax: 323.848.4310

Google Speaker

Matthew Glotzbach/ Google and Business Product Manager, Enterprise Division


Tuesday, October 26; 9:00 -11:00 am and 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Wednesday, October 27; 9:00 -11:00 am and 3:00 – 5:00

Session Highlights

Matthew will also be speaking in the following sessions Wednesday, October 27th • Ballroom H

Track F • Information Discovery & Search

The ability to find information and to have it presented in relevant forms and formats remains a challenge. This track focuses on the present, future, and realistic achievements possible in today’s information retrieval industry. Thought leaders, vendors, and practitioners present real experiences and key takeaways. Moderated by Richard Geiger, San Francisco Chronicle

Session F202

Search = Content Management or Research

11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Matthew Glotzbach , Business Product Manager, Google Enterprise

Adam Berrey, President, Onfolio, & Founding Team of Allaire Corp., Creator of ColdFusion

There is a growing demand for simple enterprise/intranet content management solutions. Glotzbach discusses using search as a means to organizing content within an enterprise. He illustrates with case studies how this can be accomplished and shares research and trends of how employees use search within the enterprise. Berrey discusses the dilemma of having all the information at our fingertips, but not being able to find the piece that we want when we want it. He looks at emerging tools and trends that enable Internet and intranet users to take the next step—turning search into research.

Session F203

Search Panel

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Moderator: Avi Rappoport, Principal Consultant, Search Tools Consulting Inc.

Raul Valdes-Perez, President, Vivisimo Inc.

Bob Pierce, Director of Product Marketing, Fast Search & Transfer

Matthew Glotzbach , Business Product Manager, Google Enterprise

What are vendors doing to make information (both explicit and implicit) findable within organizations? How are they helping organizations to make decisions faster, dealing with a plethora of information flowing in informal and formal channels? Come hear leading vendors discuss real-world intranet examples that showcase the impact of their solutions.

To schedule a briefing, please contact: Deena Benz | Account Manager direct: 323.988.4714 | fax: 323.848.4310 email:



PR Contact

Karen King/ Brodeur Worldwide


New Product

New Product Launch on Wednesday at 3:15 in room 207




Mark Turrell

Thursday, Oct. 28 10:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m

A301: Driving Enterprise Innovation with KM

External PR Contact

Chris Stamm/Director

Schwartz Communications

230 Third Ave. Waltham MA 02474



Presentation highlights

The ability of KM-enhanced innovation to provide solid, tangible ROI is taking the business world by storm. Using case studies, this session illustrates not only why innovation is so important to any company, but also the tools and techniques necessary to build an internal business case and to ensure the success of your innovation program.


Imaginatik CEO Mark Turrell has helped more than 300 businesses create idea management programs. Some of the world´s largest companies such as Bayer, ChevronTexaco, Sun Life Financial and Wyeth have created concrete processes for collecting, managing and developing corporate innovation, based on best practices created by Imaginatik.

Company highlights

Imaginatik is the long-time leader in enterprise Idea Management. Its flagship solution, Idea Central helps businesses clients discover significant revenue sources, tangible cost savings, process improvements and an increased product pipeline. Imaginatik developed successful Idea Management programs at more than 70 companies including Georgia-Pacific, W. R. Grace, ChevronTexaco, Bayer AG, and Goodyear Tire & Rubber.

Inxight Software _

Booth Number__305____

Stock Symbol___n/a_


Inxight Software 500 Macara Avenue, Sunnyvale CA 94085 USA

Inxight Speakers at the show:

Speaker_Ramana Rao Session _

B304 _ Subject Visualization Tools for Telling Stories

Internal PR Contact

Kathy Bentaieb/ PR Manager

Phone_408 738 6322

Fax_408 738 6311



Internal PR Contact

Richard Lougee/Director, Technical Sales & Customer Service

(408) 738 6231

(408) 738 6311 FAX



Discover the True Value of Information Inxight is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery

Products introduced

Inxight SmartDiscovery

Product highlights

Inxight SmartDiscovery combines powerful natural language analysis capabilities with Entity Extraction, Fact Extraction, Similarity Linking, Concept and Full-Text Search, Summarization, Categorization, Taxonomy Management and Visualization, to drastically speed and simplify information discovery. Inxight solutions enable companies to streamline R&D, accelerate time-to-market, and increase the number of breakthrough discoveries.

Speakers background

As CTO and Founder of Inxight, Ramana is responsible for the strategic vision and architecture of Inxight's products and technologies. His work includes 25 patent filings and numerous refereed research papers. He received bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Company highlights

Inxight was created as a Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) spin-off, and holds a large number of patents in Text Analysis and Visualization. Thanks to this long-standing relationship, Inxight’s core Text Analysis and Visualization technologies benefit from more than 20 years of R&D at Xerox PARC

ISYS Search Software

Booth Number 312

Stock Symbol

Internal PR Contact

Dave Haucke/ US Marketing Manager

ISYS Search Software 8775 E. Orchard Rd. #811 Englewood CO 80111 USA

303.689.9998 ext. 232

Fax 303.689.9997

Cell 303.204.8971

Products introduced

ISYS Search Software will preview the next major release of its enterprise search suite

Product highlights (

The ISYS suite of enterprise search software is designed to supply businesses and government organizations with advanced information retrieval tools for searching desktops, networks, websites and intranets. ISYS can be deployed in days, is easy to maintain and use, and is priced for the real world. Looking to add advanced search capabilities to your intranet? Download our free white paper to learn more about what to look for in selecting an intranet search engine. Simply visit:





Contact Name:

Caroline Couvrette/Marketing Director

tel+ 1 514 279-4942 #258

fax+ 1 514 279-3947

1 877 279-IXIA

new product:

IXIASOFT, the native XML database and search engine market leader, announced the integration of Stellent’s "Outside In XML Export" transformation technology to its flagship product, TEXTML Server. Stellent’s technology will allow TEXTML Server to convert ofver 225 document types into XML for improved access to information, otherwise locked in organizations.


IXIASOFT announced today that Cossette, the largest marketing communications firm in Canada, has deployed a knowledge management system based on TEXTML Server. By normalizing data in XML and storing it in TEXTML Server, Cossette allows employees to find business-related information easily, to locate experts quickly within the company, and to be exposed to new ideas.

Kontiki, Inc.

Booth Number: 108




Chris Saito, VP Marketing

Date: Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Session Track: Track A - Great America J


Session Title: A302 Effective Streaming Media Strategies For The Enterprise

Internal PR Contact

Chris Saito/ VP Marketing

External PR Contact

Kelly Brieger, Krause Taylor & Associates

Krause Taylor & Associates 595 Morey Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025


New Product

Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS) 4.0

Products introduced

Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS)

Product highlights (50 words)

Kontiki's DMS is enterprise software to deliver video, software and other large files without impacting the performance of the network. Kontiki’s patent-pending Grid Delivery Technology taps unused resources of network, allowing companies to deliver full screen video and software at a fraction of the cost of traditional delivery solutions.

Presentation highlights (for speakers)

After a slow start in the corporate world, streaming media is showing its potential as a powerful, convenient, and affordable way to broaden learning opportunities, maximize the sharing and understanding of information, increase communication frequency, and improve productivity. This session will explore strategies for moving streaming media into the corporate mainstream. One benefit lies in recording and archiving presentations that can be accessed on-demand, when and where they are needed.

Speakers background

Prior to Kontiki, Chris Saito was Senior Director of Product Marketing at AOL. At Netscape, Chris managed several products including the browser and component technologies, enterprise mail, and collaboration software. He has held other technology positions at Boston Consulting Group and served as a flight officer in the US Navy.

Company highlights ()

Kontiki has assembled a team of executives from SAP, AOL, Netscape, Autodesk, Apple, and Microsoft. Kontiki's engineering team has a solid track record of building products being used by millions of users within the enterprise and on the Internet. Customers include CNET, Ernst & Young, Nextel, Palm, and VeriSign.

Mark Logic

Booth Number 409

Stock Symbol N/A

Mark Logic Corporation, 2000 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 100 San Mateo, CA U.S.

Internal PR Contact

Geoff Kerr/Vice President of Marketing

Phone: 650-655-2332


Fax: 650-655-2310


Ann Smith/Marketing Manager


+1 650 655 2342 Phone +

1 650 655 2310 Fax

External PR Contact

Mary Ellen Ynes/Account Executive

A & R Partners/ 201 Baldwin Ave.. San Mateo, CA U.S.

Phone: 650-762-2849

Cell: 650-759-8836

Fax: 650-762-2801

Media Publisher, Inc. (MPI)

Booth Number: 1201

Stock Symbol: n/a

Media Publisher, Inc. 2150 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Second Floor Berkeley, CA 94704

Speakers at the show:

Ryan VanGoey, Media Manager, Lockheed Martin (MPI customer), Thursday keynote session: Deploying Streaming Media in a Global Corporation (presenting the Media Publisher case study)

Speakers at the show:

Rod Bacon, CEO, MPI, Panel session: Effective Streaming Media Strategies For The Enterprise

Internal PR Contact:

Aimee Francioni/ Marketing Manager

Phone: 510-859-0245

Fax: 510-548-4404

Cell: 925-984-4253

External PR Contact

Ellisa Feinstein/PR Consultant


3426 Sacramento, #1, San Francisco, CA 94118



m: 415-205-5229

New Product

Announcing new product integration with IBM WebSphere Portal

Product highlights

On October 27th, MPI is announcing a new commercial version of its software that integrates the capabilities of the Media Publisher platform with the IBM WebSphere Portal. Through the newly developed portlet, users get a seamless experience to view video-based live and on-demand programs, including training and executive communications, without forcing them to leave the portal.

Presentation highlights (for speakers) (50 words) On Thursday, October 28th, Ryan VanGoey of Lockheed Martin will be presenting the keynote presentation on his experience with implementing a complete video streaming infrastructure, leveraging technology from MPI.

On Thursday, October 28th, Rod Bacon, CEO of MPI will also be on the panel Effective Streaming Media Strategies For The Enterprise.

Speakers background

Ryan VanGoey has spent over nine years with the Lockheed Martin Corporation and spent 5 years studying and testing streaming video. He now is the Media Manager for streaming video, video conferencing, and delivery solutions for Lockheed Martin Aeronautic's division.

Rod Bacon, CEO of MPI, has skillfully guided the Media Publisher technology through its development and refinement at three companies. He is an experienced executive of technology companies, including system integrators, ISP's and enterprise application companies

Company highlights

Media Publisher, Inc. (MPI) provides enterprise software that brings all technology components of a rich media infrastructure together while adopting a user-friendly workflow, therefore eliminating the IT bottleneck. Primary use cases include corporate communications and training. MPI customers include Citigroup, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Department

The Morphix Company_

Booth Number 311

Stock Symbol


Mark Newman Session __ B205 Subject __Dealing with Unstructured Data

Internal PR Contact

Mark Newman/ Chief Executive

The Morphix Company 1 Wellington business Park, Dukes Ride Crowthorne Berkshire RG45 6LS UK

Phone 44 1 252 861 861

Fax44 1 252 861 860

Cell 44 7768 346 114

New Product


Product highlights

A totally new way of accessing social networks in organisations by tracking routine e-mail communcations to improve expertise sharing and external relationship management

Presentation highlights (for speakers) (50 words) _

Most 'unstructured' data is in the minds of employees. We show how one large corporate used automatic social network analysis to identify interest groups

Speakers background (50 words)

Chief Executive of The Morphix Company. Background in high technology, product development, marketing and transnational enterprise management. Applied consulting in business transformation and strategic technology deployment.

Company highlights (50 words)

Knowledge and business transformation management solution providers__

Helen N. Rothberg, Ph.D.

Session A104 3:00-5:00 on tuesday October 26

Subject Turning Knowledge into Intelligence with Shadow Teams

HNR Associates, 449 New Vernon Road Middletown NY 10940

Speakers background

Dr. Helen Rothberg is president of HNR Associates, a CI and strategic change consulting firm, and an associate professor of strategic management, School of Management, Marist College. Her co-authored book entitled “Knowledge to Intelligence: Building Advantage in the Next Economy” with G. Scott Erickson, was published in fall 2004. Helen holds a Ph.D. in business and an M.Phil in behavioral science both from the City University Graduate Center, New York, and an MBA in organizational behavior from Baruch College, CUNY, NYC.

Brief description of the book "From Knowledge to Intelligence: Building Competitive Advantage in the Next Economy"

In the Next Economy, intelligence- not just information or knowledge- is the essential ingredient for firm success. Rothberg and Erickson demonstrate how corporations can combine their competitive intelligence gathering with their internal knowledge management gathering into one dynamic system ad leverage it across the firm's value chain to create and protect competitive advantage.


Matt Denison, Executive Director of Knowledge Transfer

Session: B303 Subject: Knowledge Transfer for Your Growing Customer Base


Internal PR Contact

Janet Cabibbo / PR Specialist


14647 S 50th St., Bldg 150 Phoenix AZ 85044

Phone: 480-735-7093

Fax: 480-735-7011


E-mail Address:

Presentation highlights (for speakers) (50 words)

QCSI, a leading enterprise application solution provider for healthcare payors, needed an effective method to capture and efficiently transfer the knowledge necessary to support a fast-growing customer base. Over 18 months, QCSI developed a knowledge-based certification program. This program is designed to certify knowledge of correctly applying the QCSI QNXT application for solutions to current payor business problems. The certification program is currently available to QCSI employees, partners and customers.

Speakers background (50 words)

Mr. Denison, Executive Director of Knowledge Transfer at QCSI, brings over 20 years experience in healthcare information systems to one of the nation's leading providers of information technology software and services for healthcare. Mr. Denison is responsible for the development and implementation of a multi-faceted knowledge transfer initiative. An early focus is a certification program that trains and certifies QCSI stakeholders' best practices use of QCSI's QNXT product suite.

Company highlights (50 words)

QCSI is the leading provider of enterprise application solutions for healthcare payors. QCSI balances the strengths of people, process and product to deliver solutions that provide quantifiable value to customers in the forms of lowered total cost of ownership, decreased administrative costs and improved business outcomes. QCSI developed and implemented an in-depth KM program to meet the rapid growth in the demand for QCSI's next generation enterprise application solutions.




Patricia Jaramillo


917-880-1789 Mobile



Booth Number_211_

Stock Symbol________________


David Hecht/ VP Sales & Marketing

_360 Spear Street, Suite 200 San Francisco CA



Cell _415-816-3951

New Product

New Macromedia Flash Communications Server Hosting Platform

Products introduced

New Macromedia Flash Communications Server Hosting Platform, Unmetered Streaming Servers

New Product:

ServePath is introducing a new lineup of professional-grade hosting solutions that allow streaming media professionals to deliver their content faster, better, and more affordably than ever before. We are now offering unmetered, all-you-can-eat dedicated server hosting featuring Windows Media Services or 10+ Linux OS choices, as well as the new Macromedia Flash Communications Server MX.

Product highlights

ServePath's professional-grade hosting solutions allow streaming media professionals to deliver their content faster, better, and more affordably than ever before. We are now offering unmetered, all-you-can eat dedicated server hosting on our screaming-fast network(tm). Get your own custom-built dedicated server with a huge bandwidth allocation on a 100Mbps burstable connection.

Company highlights

ServePath operates two new data centers in San Francisco and manages several thousand servers for more than 1500 business customers worldwide. We provide professional-grade streaming media hosting on a screaming-fast network(tm), with the largest bandwidth allocations in the industry and a full 100Mbps burstable connection on every server.

Spirent Communications

Booth Number: 207

Stock Symbol: NYSE: SPM; LSE: SPT

Spirent Speaker:

Icaro Vasquez

Session: Thursday, Oct. 28, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Choosing The Right Hosting, Storage & Delivery Solutions

Internal PR Contact

Vicki Burgener/ Enterprise Marcom Manager

1175 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale CA 94089 USA

Phone: (408) 752-7378

Fax: (408) 752-7101

Cell: NA

External PR Contact

Kim Abreu/ Director

Atomic PR 1379A Harrison Street, San Francisco CA 94103 USA

Phone: 415-553-4305

Fax: 415-703-9463

Cell: NA

Product highlights:

Spirent's Avalanche allows website and network operations managers to ensure that their infrastructure can handle the increased traffic when deploying streaming technologies through extensive, real-world testing. Avalanche can simulate a high number of simultaneously connected users with unique IP addresses, can generate thousands of requests per second, and can challenge any computing infrastructure's ability to stand up to the load and complexity of the real-world.

Company highlights

Spirent develops a comprehensive suite of network testing products that address the unique needs of Enterprise customers. The company's solutions test every facet of the enterprise network - from applications and security to Voice over IP and network infrastructure - helping users increase security and improve the performance and availability of their networks.

Sunnyside Software, Inc.


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Nancy Roberts /VP, Marketing


2912 Diamond Street, #329 San Francisco CA 94131 USA

w (415) 334-7000 x314


c (408) 394-4303

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Traction Software, Inc

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Traction Software Inc, 245 Waterman Street #309, Providence, RI 02906

Traction Speaker

Greg Lloyd

Session: D105

Weblogs Emerge in the Enterprise


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Jordan Frank/VP Marketing and Business Development

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Cell: (401) 487-2268

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Dana Harris/ Principal Red Javelin Communications, Inc.

Red Javelin Communications, Inc.

Phone: (978) 440-8392



New Product

Traction TeamPage and Communicator Release 3.5

Product Highlights

Traction Release 3.5 adds the ability to share, edit, version and link to files using built-in distributed file authoring and versioning (WebDAV), integrated with Traction’s award-winning enterprise weblog. Customers can securely share files as well as articles, comments and newsfeeds anywhere in the world using just a standard web browser

Presentation Highlights

Enterprise weblogs eliminate e-mail storms and streamline working communication for product development, marketing, competitive intelligence and other key business processes. Using real examples from government and business, attendees will see how weblog software captures and distributes working knowledge that spans siloed information sources and lives outside traditional content management systems.

Speaker’s Background

Greg Lloyd, President and Co-Founder of Traction Software, has over 25 years experience as architect and engineer for publishing, hypertext, simulation, and computer architecture projects at the Naval Research Laboratory, Mentor Graphics, and Electronic Book Technologies (EBT), Inc. He is the co-inventor of the Mentor Graphics/Context change control editing system for publishing, configuration management, and engineering applications. He has collaborated for 30 years with Andy van Dam of Brown University on four generations of hypertext systems.

Company Highlights

Funded by In-Q-Tel (the CIA’s venture arm), Traction is the leader in Enterprise Weblog Software. Many departments of the US Government and leading enterprises deploy Traction® TeamPage™ as a backbone for working communication for program teams, competitive intelligence units, and groups where efficient, contextual information and knowledge exchange is critical.


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Janet Scharr /Public Relations Specialist


WILink, Inc. 601 Moorefield Park Drive Richmond, Virginia 23236-3654

(804) 327-3424

(804) 327-7554 - fax


Since 1997, Vcall® has been a leading outsourced webcasting provider to the Fortune 1000. Vcall's history and roots are as an outsourced webcasting service provider specializing in Investor Relations streaming media events. (Earnings Conference Calls, Analyst Days, Investor Conferences, Shareholder Meetings and Employee Communications) Innovative in-house streaming media technology coupled with the most experienced event producers in the industry enable our clients to utilize our webcasting platform as a cost-effective, feature packed webcasting solution. A sampling of clients who utilize Vcall for outsourced webcasting needs include: Dow Jones, Fox Entertainment Group, Intel Corp., Sara Lee Corp., Texas Instruments, Inc., and Xilinx, Inc. Contact:

"Linking Investors with Companies and Funds"



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