PR Plan

Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara, CA

October 26-28, 2004


Welcome to the online version of the Exhibitor/Speaker PR Plan for the upcoming KM World 2004 & Intranets 2004. This was emailed to the exhibitor and speaker contact list...but its posted here for your reference. At the bottom is the information that we need to keep you informed and to inform the working press about what you will be saying in Santa Clara.



This is a quick note of introduction. Information Today in Medford has again asked me to lend a hand with PR support for the coming KMWorld & Intranets 2004. I have been PR Director for the Internet World shows, HIT 98 and other events and trade shows (I worked in my first press room while Johnson was President, Lyndon not Andrew). Over the last few years we developed a PR program that supports your trade show PR efforts. In the next few days I will be zapping off some material that I hope you find helpful. If there is a question give a shout and we will answer as quickly as possible. This first email contains the PR contact form it tells us who is handling your PR efforts for the show. It is very easy to add names to the email system so don't hesitate to give us additional names to contact.


Each exhibitor is our client. We want to work with you to maximize your public relations efforts. Never hesitate to call us with any questions. Bob Miko, Director of Public Relations, 203-378-2803 (


The public relations contact(s) you list below on this form will receive informational e-mail memos from the PR team in the weeks before the show. These include updated press conference schedules and information on obtaining pre-registered press lists. In addition, the PR contact(s) will receive an electronic copy of the show PR Guide, containing basic information on what should be in your press kit; notes on running a press conference; suggestions on working with the press and maximizing your publicity efforts; as well as information about important deadlines, facilities and ordering equipment.


The PR Contact Form gives us the names of your internal and external PR people. These contacts will receive a special URL where a press list of pre-registered journalists (in tab-delimited text format) will be available. You can download the press list and import it into the spreadsheet, database or word processing program of your choice. The list is updated continually before each show. Although we encourage pre-registration, many reporters, editors and producers register on-site. It is posted at


We are always ready to provide advice on how to promote your company and its products and related news at our shows. Call any time.


To alert major media and the trade press about KMWorld & Intranets 2004 highlights and key events, we issue a series of media advisories and press releases before the show. In addition, we issue a series of informational tip sheets to all pre-registered press, which includes descriptions of exhibitors' new products and services being introduced at the show, as well as a schedule of press events/parties.

To ensure that we include your information, we strongly suggest you send a 50 word or less description by Tuesday, October 19th (we format these but don't really edit them, so it is up to you to be brief, because if you are not the summary will not be read). Please send these directly to Bob Miko (, using the following format in the body of your e-mail:

Exhibitor name (Booth #)...50 word description of event/new product...

Contact Name, e-mail address, phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx URL:


In the Press Center we have computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, telephones and refreshments for the working press. This area is reserved for registered press ONLY. We will have an area near the Working Press Room for exhibitors and press to meet for interviews in a "neutral" location, away from other reporters who have to file stories on deadline. The Center contains a "library" so exhibitors can present their press kits and other information directly to the press. The press uses these kits for background information on your company, to find a contact for interviews, product information, etc. Again, access to the library is available to working press only. When you deliver your kits to the Press Kit Library, staffers will place them alphabetically in press kit bins.

How many kits to bring to the show? Sometimes they will be very popular and in high demand. The recommendation is 100+ kits bring 50 up to the press kit library, keep 25 in your booth, and have 25 as a reserve. Please check in the press kit library daily on your supply. At the end of the show, your remaining kits will be discarded, unless you pick them up by 2:00 p.m., Thursday.

Direct Shipments to Exhibit Site:

Make out the bill of lading and consign as follows:

Name of Exhibitor

KMWorld & Intranets 2004

Attn: Bob Miko (Press Room)

Show Management

c/o Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara, CA


This show will become a leading forum for new product introductions, news announcements etc. To support that effort, we have a specific area ready for press conferences. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The press conference areas are available for one hour only. Please contact Bob Miko ( for further information. Press conferences are formally reserved only with an e-mail to Bob Miko.

Attending working press receive regular notices on the press conference schedule and product announcements before and during the show. However, even though we encourage the press to participate in your press conferences, we cannot guarantee their attendance. It is your continuing responsibility to encourage the press to attend your event.

We have begun posting the press list for KMWorld & Intranets 2004 (at and sending out and posting the Show PR guide. Additionally, Show PR information will be posted at

Regularly we will zap out an announcement for the updated list and other updates and guidance will go out via e-mail, along with information on scheduling events, etc. The PR Guide will be e-mailed and then posted at the site.


At Pacific Dialogue's Web site ( you will find the registered press list, media advisory, market guide, the PR Guide for the show and information from other shows including press lists. You are encouraged and welcome to check the site regularly and let me know if we are missing something that you need. You are also welcome to look at the press lists that we generated for other shows and make use of them.


Over the next few weeks we will provide lots of guidance and support for both experienced and new trade show public relations professionals. As an extension of this on the first night of the conference (before the show floor opens) we will have coffee on in the press center to answer questions, give you an opportunity to see the press facilities and provide a round table discussion on how to work the press on site (we'll also invite editors to stop by, they want to meet you as much as you want to meet them).

To keep you informed, and to inform the working press covering KMWorld & Intranets 2004, we need the information below (and I want it electronically, I don't need to retype what you fax us).

So...Hit reply...fill in the blanks...and then send. If you don't use an external PR firm (and lots of companies keep the function in-house) type N/A. If you are not publicly held (yet) also list N/A for stock symbol. If you have any




Due By: October 1st, 2004 (note on due dates…PR Contact Info ASAP or October 1st…tip sheet info, ie 50 words on company, product, presentation etc is due October 19th)

Please identify the internal public relations representative for your company and your external public relations contact. You must provide an e-mail address. It is the only way you will receive notice of the press list.

This form (copy the section below) should be returned no later than October 1st, 2004 to Bob Miko, Director of Public Relations, via e-mail to or fax to 203-380-8019 or mail to Bob Miko, Pacific Dialogue, 33 Ferry Court North, Stratford, CT 06615

Exhibitor___________ Booth Number______ Stock Symbol________________

Internal PR Contact

First Name___________________ Last Name___________

Company____________________ Title___________________________

Address____________________ City____________ State/Province_____ P/C_______ Country_________

Phone_____________ Fax_____________ Cell _____________ E-mail Address_____________

External PR Contact

First Name___________________ Last Name___________

Company____________________ Title___________________________

Address____________________ City____________ State/Province_____ P/C_______ Country________

Phone_____________ Fax_____________ Cell _____________ E-mail Address_____________

New Product to be announced at show___________________________________________

Products introduced that you want to have profiled in a media alert___________________________

Product highlights (50 words).________________________________________

Company highlights (50 words).________________________________________


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