PR Hit List

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

October 29-30, 2004

Washington is not only the our national capital but it is a telecommunications center. It rivals NYC as a world media capital. But as Jack Kennedy said it represents the best of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. We have assembled a number of lists that are linked below, including last year's attendees, the invitation list, a list of local media and a list of IT media that have attended shows from this area. We will notify you as we up date this page and the accompanying pre-registered press page.

The brief lists below represent some of the major media in the industry and region. Many of them will not tell us that they are coming to cover this event. In some cases they won't know until the week of the show when their boss tells them to come and see us. They know full well that we will welcome their coverage and have a badge ready for them as soon as they show up at the press center and they are absolutely right. But they are also fair game. So use the lists below as a hit list. Let me know if I have missed anyone and don't hesitate to let me have corrections.

The lists below are done in word using a table. To convert highlight the whole table and copy to MSWord then go to the menu column and convert table to text I prefer tab but you can pick comma or paragraph. No matter what you pick you should be able to easily import into a database. If you only copy the table to a word document there are programs that will import directly without the conversion.

Additionally, we have a chart below that allows you to download these lists individually.

The file attached is in a tab delimited text. Open it and make sure you and see it and then save it as a text file and it can easily be imported into any database or spreadsheet format.

Call anytime if you have any questions.

See you in Pasadena.





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