Welcome to my online event page. Below are links to the info-page for each upcoming event and the link to the directories for events that we've done. Always open to suggestions and inquiries, comments and criticisms.



Current & Upcoming Shows & Events

 Health IC 06

 MACCongress 06

 McMaster World Congress

 WCAI San Jose


 Internet Telephony FL



 GPS Wireless 06

 Training 06

 FOSE 06

 VON San Jose

 IM/SES China

 Computer in Lib


 Agile Las Vegas

 IM/SES Munich

 Agile Houston

 IM/SES Tokyo

 IM/SES Toronto

 IM/SES Milan

 Nano Tech Boston

 AIIM 06

 ISPCon Baltimore

 ITI/Streaming East

 IM/SES London

 Infocomm 06

 Sensor Expo

 VON London

 Agile Los Angeles

 WCAI Washington

 VON Tokyo

 SES San Jose

 VOIP Santa Clara

 ICCM Chicago


 VON Boston

 MarSec 06

 Agile Dallas

 Internet Telephony SD

 ICCM Canada

 Cleveland Clinic Innovation

 ISPCon Santa Clara

 G Video Expo West

 G Video Expo East

 Pay As You Go Summit

 Internet Librarian

 Internet Librarian Intl


 Tomax Ireland


 Arnold IT

  Completed Shows & Events 2006

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  Completed Show & Events 1999

  Completed Show & Events 1998



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